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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Did the March 11 tsunami affect Hawaii and the conference site?
A: While the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, and Molokai experienced some property and environmental damage from the tsunami, the island of Oahu was largely spared. Waikiki Beach, where the conference will be held, experienced no tsunami damage.

Q: Will the nuclear incident in Japan affect Hawaii and the conference site?
A: Although Hawaii is located over 6,000 km from Japan, you may also be concerned about the possibility of drifting radiation from the nuclear power plant incident at Fukushima. Current news stories from Hawaii indicate that radiation levels are being monitored and are at background levels. Listed here are websites of several organizations monitoring the incident, as well as of Honolulu’s daily newspaper.

Q: What is the conference dress code?
A: Dress code is aloha attire or business casual. Suit and tie are not needed. Keep in mind the weather here (although conference rooms may be a bit colder).



The 5IMDC is taking place within the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa. All activities Sunday through Friday will take place in the following locations: Kealohilani Tower, 2nd floor (closer to the beach, hereafter referred to as “K Tower”) and Paoakalani Tower, 3rd floor (hereafter referred to as “P Tower”).

  • Please wear the name tag provided with your registration materials at all times for entrance to all sessions and events.
  • Anyone requesting a special meal must obtain a ticket from the registration desk prior to 10:30 am each day.
  • Guest tickets for events should be picked-up when you register.

Conference Locations (hotel map available in Printed Program)

  • The Leahi Ballroom, where all plenary sessions and lunches will take place, is in K Tower.
  • All salons, the Exhibit Hall, and other 5IMDC-related meeting space are in P Tower.
  • A Help Desk is available in P Tower to answer conference-related questions.
  • A message board is available outside the Exhibit Hall.
  • The Conference Office is in the Kou Room in P Tower.
  • If you would like use a meeting room for your own informal meeting, these may be booked, subject to availability, at the Help Desk.

Speaker Presentation Upload Instructions

If you are giving an oral presentation, you must upload your PowerPoint presentation between 7:30am and 8:30am the day of your presentation at the Presentation Services Table located near Registration, outside the Leahi Ballroom in K Tower.

Poster Instructions

If you are presenting a poster, you are responsible for hanging your poster in your assigned location in the Exhibit Hall in P Tower. The Poster display schedule available in Printed Program.

Posters being displayed Monday to Wednesday morning must be hung by 9am on Monday morning. Posters being displayed Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning must be hung between 11am and 1:30pm on Wednesday.

Photo Policy: Recording, Photographing, Interviewing

No attendee at the 5IMDC may record, film, tape, photograph, or interview during any presentation, poster display or exhibit without the express, advance approval of the 5IMDC Conference Committee.

For media, this approval is provided through the media accreditation.

Photo and Video Release

Photographs and videography will be taken by the 5IMDC organizers. By registering for this conference, you agree to allow NOAA and UNEP to use your photo in any 5IMDC-related publication or website.

Media Space

A limited amount of working space is available for accredited media. This space is in the Honolulu Room, available Tuesday through Thursday, 8:00am – 8:00pm; Monday and Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Bus Pick-up

For the Monday night reception and field trips requiring bus transportation, buses will pick up and drop off passengers at the Tour Entrance of the hotel.

Business Center

  • Aloha Business Center, 2nd Floor, P Tower
  • Phone: 808-922-1500
  • Email:
  • Open 24 hours, self service
  • Staffed: Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm / Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00pm
  • Internet access with full service PCs and printing capability
  • Copying, printing, scanning, faxing
  • FedEx and UPS shipping
  • Executive boardroom with video conferencing available

Internet Access

All internet access is wi-fi. Hotel guest internet pricing:

  • 1 Hour: $6.95 plus tax
  • 3 Hours: $10.95 plus tax
  • Full Day: $14.95 plus tax
  • 4 Days: $48.95 plus tax


Self-parking is $30/day. A limited number of parking validations is available to reduce this cost. Inquire at the Help Desk.

Social Media

Twitter hashtags: #5IMDC, #WaveOfChange and #EndMarineDebris

5IMDC Facebook site: Search for “5th International Marine Debris Conference” and like us!

Environmental Awareness

Significant efforts have been made to reduce the impact of this conference on the environment. These include reducing the amount of printed material, choosing the most environmentally-friendly printing method when printing is necessary, sourcing of sustainable products such as those made from bamboo and 100% recycled polyethylene (plastic bottles), selection of environmentally responsible accommodations, and implementation of sustainable practices throughout the conference itself.

Conference Evaluation

Don’t forget to fill out the Conference Evaluation Form and turn it in at the Registration Desk.

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