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Instructions and Guidance for Extended Abstracts

The purpose of collecting extended abstracts is to update and expand upon the short abstracts you provided several months ago for review, which did not include specific details of what will be shown at the conference. 

The deadline for extended abstracts is 18 FEBRUARY 2010.   All extended abstracts will be included on the memory stick that all conference participants will receive in their conference bags.

We ask that you follow the instructions listed below for completing and submitting your extended abstract:

  1. Fill in the required sections of the Extended Abstract Form (download here; Microsoft Word, 1.3MB). The information should reflect what you plan to present at the conference. 
  2. Follow these formatting guidelines:- Use ARIAL font, 11 point.- Use single spacing.

    – Do not change margins or the page view.

    – Text, including tables, figures, and references, should not be more than four pages total. Your extended abstract will be cut off at four pages if you exceed that length.

    – Fill in the abstract reference number at the top of the page.  Contact us if you are unsure of this number.

  3. Proofread and obtain co-author approval as necessary.
  4. Send your completed form to 5imdconf@gmail.com. Please copy (ann.kitsoulis@noaa.gov).  Don’t forget to attach your extended abstract – Download the Extended Abstract Form here (Microsoft Word, 1.3MB; the form is on page 2).
  5. Sit back and relax!  You will receive confirmation that we have received the abstract within 72 hours of sending it to 5imdconf@gmail.com.
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