Outreach & Education

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Below is a list of sessions within the Outreach & Education conference track.

Using social marketing to cause a sea change on marine debris pollution This session will explore how a comprehensive social marketing campaign can address the challenges faced in reducing or eliminating marine debris and thus negating its effects on wildlife.  It will discuss how to create a campaign centered on changing individual and industry behaviour when it comes to trash disposal and reducing or eliminating marine debris.
Chair: TBD, SeaWeb

Stemming the tide of trash: Model education and outreach programs to prevent marine debrisEffective education and outreach efforts targeted at marine debris pollution prevention and reduction are needed to influence individual behavior change. This session will focus on a series of case studies designed to educate the general public about the impacts associated with marine debris, and simple steps each individual can take to help prevent their contribution to the problem. Essential elements, creative approaches, and effective partnerships needed to implement effective marine debris education and outreach programs will be discussed, as well as lessons learned to apply to the future development of marine debris educational efforts.
Chair: Sarah Abramson Sikich, Heal the Bay

The role of ocean filmmaking in educating the public about marine debrisUtilizing modern-day filmmaking tools and messaging opportunities, how can films influence public attitudes toward conservation and protection of our ocean resources and especially highlight the issue of marine debris?  This session will highlight and discuss the role of film in marine debris education and outreach campaigns to influence behavior change.
Chair: TBD
Co-chair: TBD

Outreach and education techniques and approaches This session includes approaches to outreach and education including through artwork, classroom activities, and community involvement.  This session includes stories of successful formal and informal education and outreach for a variety of audiences.  The goal of this session is to present a variety of outreach options for a variety of audiences and locations.
Chair: TBD
Co-chair: TBD

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