Presentation Instructions

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5IMDC Presentation Instructions

Presentations should use Microsoft PowerPoint software.

Presentation length is 15 minutes.  This includes a short question and answer period.  Plan accordingly.  (For instance, if you use one minute to explain each slide you should plan for 12-15 slides.)

Embedded files:
If any files (e.g., movie files) are embedded in the presentation, please bring those files with you to ensure they play correctly during the presentation.

Please test your presentation on more than one computer before the conference; conference computers will use the Windows operating system.

Uploading at the conference:
You will be able to upload your presentation during morning (pre-plenary) registration at the registration desk.  Bring two copies of your presentation in case one version does not work.  We suggest bringing the presentation on both a portable flash drive and a CD. You are required to upload your presentation the day before you are scheduled to speak.

Please arrive at the session room before your session begins to meet the session chair and make sure your presentation has been loaded onto the computer.
You will not be allotted extra time if your presentation is longer than 15 minutes. 

Professional conduct:
We expect all presenters to show the highest level of professionalism during the presentation and when answering questions.  You may be asked to leave if your behavior is deemed unprofessional or inappropriate.

Final slide:
The Conference Committee requests that all presentations use the same final slide.  It can be downloaded here.  This conference is slightly different from others you may have attended in that it is solutions-based.  By using a standard final slide, we will condense from all presenters the most pressing actions needed to reduce marine debris in the next decade.  The information from these slides will inform action plans to be developed at the conference.

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