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Field trips will be held the morning of Wednesday, 23 March 2011.

Available Field Trips:

  • Hawaii Nets to Energy Program tour (8am-1pm; Bus) *CLOSED/FULL*
  • Pier 38 tour: Fresh fish auction, marine debris port reception bin, and “talk story” with Hawaii’s longline fishermen (5:30-9:30am; Bus) *CLOSED/FULL*
  • Get Your Hands Dirty! marine debris cleanup (9am-1pm; Walk) *CANCELED*
  • Explore the Waikiki Aquarium (9am-1pm; Walk)
  • Pearl Harbor Tour (8am-12:30pm; Bus) *CLOSED/FULL*
  • Hanauma Bay Tour and Snorkel (7:15am-1pm; Bus; Price does not include a $7.50/person entry fee, which will be collected on the bus)

Field Trip Details:

*CLOSED/FULL* Hawaii Nets to Energy Program tour

Location: Campbell Industrial Park
Max # of participants: 20 *FULL*
Cost: $40

Description: Participants will be taken first on a tour of the Schnitzer Steel Hawaii Corporation facility where derelict nets and line are chopped into small pieces. They will then follow the process on to the City and County of Honolulu’s H-Power waste-to-energy facility run by Covanta Energy. Here they will see how the derelict nets are used to create electricity.

Partners: Schnitzer Steel Hawaii Corporation; Covanta Energy

Things to Bring & Remember:

  • Keep in mind that these facilities process scrap metal (Schnitzer) and municipal solid waste (Covanta) – plan and dress accordingly.
  • Covered-toe shoes!!
  • Signed waiver(s) – to be provided ahead of time.
  • Long pants
  • Sun protection
  • Water

*CLOSED/FULL* Pier 38 tour: Fresh fish auction, marine debris port reception bin, and “talk story” with Hawaii’s longline fishermen

Location: Pier 38
Max # of participants: 30 *FULL*
Cost: $40

Description: Bright and early, participants will learn about and experience the Honolulu Fish Auction (  — the only one of its kind between Tokyo, Japan and Maine, USA! Participants will also learn about Hawaii’s port reception facility ( and program and “talk story” (informal discussions) with Hawaii’s longline fishermen who frequent the N. Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone, an area of marine debris concentration and high production. Participants will also learn about impacts of marine debris to the fishing industry and may have the opportunity to tour a longline fishing vessel.

Partners: Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council; Hawaii Longline Association; United Fishing Agency; Pacific Ocean Producers Fishing and Marine

Things to Bring & Remember:

  • Closed-toe shoes highly recommended
  • Jacket (it’s a bit cold at the fish auction)
  • $ for breakfast (purchase on own)

*CANCELED* Get Your Hands Dirty! Marine Debris Cleanup

Location: Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor to Magic Island
Max # of participants: 50
Cost: $40

Description: Participants will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty by taking part in a marine debris cleanup. Site includes shoreline and beach areas as well as harbor cleanup of debris mainly from land-based sources.

Partner: Surfrider Foundation, Oahu Chapter

Things to Bring & Remember:

  • Appropriate clothing  for a cleanup
  • Gloves
  • Closed-toe shoes preferable
  • Plenty of water (reusable water bottle preferred)
  • Lunch

Explore the Waikiki Aquarium

Location: Waikiki Aquarium
Max # of participants: 40
Cost: $40

Description: Participants will be able to browse and tour the exhibits at the Waikiki Aquarium, founded in 1904, and third oldest public aquarium in the US. Known for its exquisite sunlit displays of living corals and colorful reef fish, the Waikiki Aquarium’s exhibits, programs, and research focus on the marine life of Hawaii and the tropical Pacific. The field trip will start with a special presentation by Aquarium staff.

Partner: Waikiki Aquarium

Things to Bring & Remember:

  • Nothing in particular

*CLOSED/FULL* Pearl Harbor Tour

Location: Pearl Harbor
Max # of participants: 20 *FULL*
Cost: $40

Description: Participants will be treated to a tour of US Navy ships and facilities (exact vessels to be determined) and learn about the Navy’s involvement and support of marine debris efforts in the Pacific.

Partner: United States Navy

Things to Bring & Remember:

  • Guests should be able to walk on ladders and over gridded deckplates
  • For safety reasons, covered shoes with low heel, pants or long shorts (no dresses or skirts) are required
  • Avoid carrying large bags for safety and ease of movement in tight quarters
  • Cameras are allowed; however, specific areas may not allow photography

Hanauma Bay Tour and Snorkel

Location: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
Max # of participants: 45 total / 16 for guided snorkel
Cost: $40, plus $7.50 to be collected at Hanauma Bay

Description: Participants will be treated to an educational presentation about the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, get to tour their education center, and snorkel in one of Oahu’s most pristine ecosystems. Please note that Hanauma Bay is an entirely non-smoking nature preserve (includes beach area). All participants are welcome to snorkel and explore the Bay on their own.

Guided snorkel: A guided snorkel tour is available; maximum participant number is 16. Participants in the guided tour must come prepared with their own snorkel equipment (there will not be enough time to rent gear).  

Partner: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve; University of Hawaii Sea Grant  College Program

Things to Bring & Remember:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sun protection
  • Swimming clothes
  • Water, snacks
  • Snorkeling gear
    • GUIDED SNORKEL: You MUST come prepared with your own snorkel gear (may be rented in Waikiki)
    • UN-GUIDED SNORKEL: There will be no time to rent snorkel gear on-site; please bring with you your own snorkel gear (if needed; may be rented in Waikiki)
    • Keep in mind that the park will be unusually crowded due to it being Spring Break, thus all concession stands (food and snorkel) will be extremely crowded. Anticipate long lines and waits for all concessions.


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