5IMDC Movie Night

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The 5IMDC Movie Night was a relaxing evening of short videos for conference participants to enjoy after a day of field trips and workshops. This event was an opportunity for filmmakers, non-profit organizations, agencies, etc. to highlight their marine debris-related video to participants of the conference. 5IMDC Movie Night was held the evening of Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 7:00-10:30pm.

5IMDC Movie Night Agenda:

700-715 Welcome and Introduction by Megan Forbes, NOAA MDD
715-730 Hawaii Student Video Winner: Aqua Hazard
Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club (Island of Maui, Hawaii)
730-745 Hawaii Student Video Winner: Green School Initiatives
Sunset Beach Elementary School  (Island of Oahu, Hawaii)
745-800 Inside the Plastic Vortex
Mario Aguilera, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California-San Diego (USA)
800-815 Plastic Future: the Midway Story
Clare Fieseler, Duke University (USA)
815-830 Plastics at SEA: North Atlantic Expedition 2010
Scott Elliott, 590films (USA)
830-845 Plastic State of Mind
Ben Zolno, New Message Media, commissioned by Green Sangha (USA)
845-900 The Young Man and the Ghost Net
GhostNets Australia and Visual Obsession (2010, Australia)
900-915 Entanglement of Stellar sea lions in marine debris: identifying causes and finding solutions
Kimberly Raum-Suryan, Sea Gypsy Research; Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game (USA)
915-930 Millicoma Kids Care Public Service Announcement
Helen Farr, Millicoma Intermediate School, Coos Bay Schools, and The Artula Institute (USA)
930-945 Trashing Your Livelihood
Diane Scoboria, Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation
945-1000 Two Hands
Edmund Coccagna, NOAA PIFSC CRED (USA)
1000-1015 Gift from the Sea
Kanyarat Kosavisutte, Green Fins Association (Thailand) 
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