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The call for session proposals is closed.
As of 23:59 UTC on Monday, 28 June 2010 we are no longer accepting proposals.

List of Conference Sessions

NEW Conference Sessions

Biological impacts of marine debris
This session was formed from an influx of abstracts that discuss the interaction of marine debris with the biological aspects of marine ecosystems.  The focus of this session is to better understand the interactions of debris with marine species and to elucidate the broader impacts of debris on marine communities.  Presentations will cover a host of different topics but are linked by the common focus on specific biological impacts that marine debris has on aquatic ecosystems.

Marine debris monitoring survey results
This session was formed from an influx of abstracts that report the results of marine debris monitoring surveys.  This is important information, but distinct from other sessions that focus on best practices and methods for monitoring debris on beaches and in water.  Presentations in this session will focus on reporting results from monitoring surveys.  Discussion of these results is encouraged, and could include (but is not limited to) a discussion of the major types of debris, spatial variation, oceanographic and environmental parameters, and temporal trends in debris concentrations.

Modeling marine debris movement and transport
This session was formed from an influx of abstracts that focus on marine debris movement and transport in aquatic environments.  Presentations will cover a variety of topics but are linked in the common discussion of fate and transport of different types of marine debris.  As this session contains information useful to the “Risk Analysis” session, it will be scheduled directly before that session.

Addressing abandoned and derelict vessels
This session was formed from an influx of abstracts that focus on abandoned and derelict vessels.  Presentations will cover various aspects of response, removal, impact, and policies that address derelict vessels.  These are a distinct form of marine debris that often demand innovative and alternative approaches to response and removal.

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