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The call for session proposals is closed.
As of 23:59 UTC on Monday, 28 June 2010 we are no longer accepting proposals.

The co-organizers of the 5th International Marine Debris Conference are currently soliciting session proposals for the conference.  It is our goal to highlight a range of marine debris topics at this conference.  Objectives of this international conference include sharing lessons learned and best practices to reduce and prevent marine debris impacts; promoting international co-learning; exchanging innovative ideas, such as market incentives and communications strategies; and sharing the latest research initiatives, methods, and results. 

This conference is structured to be results-oriented and sessions should consider the following results-oriented themes: reducing the backlog of debris, decreasing solid waste and fishing gear disposed of at sea, reducing the number of abandoned and derelict facilities and structures, and minimizing land-based debris in watersheds. 

These themes represent recurring goals of most marine debris efforts worldwide.  Agencies and organizations are employing a variety of strategies to achieve these goals and demonstrate results.   Conference presenters are urged to think of how their session or presentation leads to accomplishment of one or more of the results themes through activities within the tracks. Some examples of possible session focuses are given in the following table, but additional ideas are welcome. To download a copy of this table, click here (PDF, 106KB).

We are soliciting sessions for the following tracks:

  • research and monitoring
  • technology
  • response and removal
  • outreach and education
  • law and policy
  • incentives for marine debris mitigation and removal
  • collaborations and partnerships 
  • other (i.e., a session that does not fall into the above tracks)

Please click here for a list of example ideas for session proposals.

English is the official language of the conference.  We encourage proposal submissions for sessions in English to ensure the session attains the broadest possible audience at the conference.  However, proposals for sessions in other languages will be considered if the goal is to reach a target audience.  No translation services will be provided

Proposals should be submitted by individuals prepared to serve as a session chair or co-chair.  Chair and/or co-chair responsibilities will include garnering interest from the marine debris community, directly recruiting at least 50% of speakers to present at the session, reviewing initial abstracts, and reviewing subsequent papers for inclusion in a proceedings document. 

Please click here to view a guidance list of session chair responsibilities before, after, and during the conference.

Session proposals will be evaluated on:

  • merit (technical or otherwise); interest from the greater marine debris community
  • ability to engage senior scientists, policymakers, and representatives as well as those emerging in this field
  • ability of the proposal to show a breadth of engagement across disciplines
  • whether the topic is innovative or has recently risen to greater attention as an area of concern

We are seeking rigorous and balanced sessions that are not skewed by sector representation or gender; we encourage innovative session proposal submissions from persons at all stages of their careers, interest, or engagement in the marine debris problem. Ultimately, session proposal success will be a factor of the above evaluation criteria as well as the number of proposals received.  It is likely that sessions will be combined at the organizers’ discretion if there is sufficient overlap in proposals. 

Download the session proposal submission form:

  • Word document; 164KB
  • Fillable PDF; 115KB
  • Email completed forms to

    PROPOSALS DUE: Coordinated Daylight Time (UTC) 23:59 on Monday, 28 June 2010

    Contact with any problems or questions regarding proposal submission.  Please include “5IMDC – SESSION PROPOSAL QUESTION” in the email subject line.

    Below is a summary list of all session proposal-related downloadable documents.

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