Guide for Session Chair

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Download a copy of this list SessionChair guide (pdf, 142kb).

Before the Conference

  1. Touch base with the presenters in your session to make sure they are aware of presentation guidelines and the session schedule.
  2. Solicit biographic information, if you choose, to use when introducing speakers.
  3. Remind presenters to follow the speaker guidance and include the last slide template provided by the conference organizers. The last slide is intended to provide input to the Honolulu Strategy. It should be entitled Priority Actions and include 3 bulleted actions stated in active voice, e.g. Conduct…., Develop…., which represent the top three actions the presenter believes are necessary to reduce the impacts of marine over the next the next 10 years. These actions may be at global, regional, country, local, or individual levels and should be discussed in the context of the presentation and the relevant conference themes. The final slide can be downloaded from the website:

At the Conference / During the Session

  1. Review the document you receive in your registration packet that details any necessary rules, emergency contacts, and meeting facilitation.
  2. Arrive early in the room. All presentations will be loaded by conference staff/volunteers before the session; please ensure that the correct presentations are loaded. Ensure all speakers are physically present at the session. Familiarize yourself with the AV setup; there will be a volunteer to assist with any audio-visual needs.
  3. Introduce the session and any specific conference rules that audience members should know.
  4. Introduce each speaker and the title of the next talk.
  5. Stay on schedule during the session. There will be a volunteer timekeeper in each room to give notice when five minutes are remaining. Session chairs are responsible for ending the presentation if the speaker does not finish within the timeslot.
  6. If there is time remaining for questions, remain attentive and be prepared to ask a question that starts a discussion if there is quite a bit of time remaining.
  7. Be prepared to handle any unprofessional conduct during the session.
  8. You will receive a form in your registration packet to bring to the session. On this form, note absent speakers and unprofessional conduct during the session.
  9. Assist in documenting the session by:
  10. Preparing a summary of priority actions and rationale identified in the last slide of each speaker for the Honolulu Strategy.
  11. Preparing a summary of highlights of the session for the Conference Proceedings.

After the Conference

  1. Turn the form (see #8, above) into the registration desk.
  2. Provide summaries (see #9, above) to Lead or Assistant Rapporteurs assigned to your session
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