Session Idea Examples

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Here are a few examples of session ideas that address one or more of the above results themes, sorted by session tracks:

Research and Monitoring

  • Impacts of marine debris on pelagic and benthic ecosystems
  • Standardized methods and best practices to monitor marine debris at sea, on beaches, in watersheds
  • Research being conducted on: net identification, cargo loss
  • Impacts of abandoned and derelict vessels on the marine environment


  • Technology to detect and/or remove marine debris at sea
  • Alternative materials designed for lesser impact on marine environment
  • Technologies for shipboard waste storage and treatment
  • Engineering solutions for debris removal in storm drains and waterways 

Response and Removal

  • Waste minimization
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Removal methods and best practices
  • Response protocols and best practices 

Outreach and Education

  • Techniques and best practices
  • Measuring success in prevention through education

Law and Policy

  • Jurisdictional challenges in debris removal
  • Policies, laws, and regulations needed to  decrease sea-based sources of debris
  • Successes and challenges in compliance and enforcement 

Incentives for Marine Debris Mitigation and Removal

  • Incentives for encouraging removal of marine debris 

Collaborations and  Partnerships

  • Collaboration and partnerships needed to reduce the backlog of marine debris
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