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The call for travel award applications is now closed (as of October 29 2010).

Call for Travel Awards

We are pleased to announce the availability of travel awards.  Eligibility criteria and application procedures are provided below. Applications, consisting of pdf application and organizational support letter, must be submitted by 29 October 2010 via email to:

Value of Award

  • A maximum of $4,000 USD.
  • Award may cover airfare, hotel, transportation between hotel and airport (to and from), and/or per diem rate minus the meals provided by the conference (included in the registration fee).  [NOTE – Rental cars are not necessary and will not be covered under travel awards.]
  • Registration, workshop and field trip fees will NOT be covered by travel awards.  Registration is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Partial travel awards may be given to increase the number of people who can participate.


  • Travel award applicants must attend the entire conference
  • Successful applicants must be registered to attend the conference by December 15, 2010

Evaluation Criteria

  • Demonstrating a willingness to make the conference successful through submission of a poster or presentation abstract or holding a workshop.
  • Organization endorsement letter in support of attendance and participation (encouraged but not required).
  • History in addressing marine debris.
  • Desire to attend and ability to incorporate the information learned in future work.

Application Process
Download application and email to  

Applications, consisting of pdf application and organizational support letter, must be submitted by 29 October 2010 via email to:

Important Dates

  • Opening date:  8 October 2010*
  • Closing date:  29 October 2010
  • Award applicants notified (successful and unsuccessful) by:  12 November 2010

Documentation and Payments
The awardees will be reimbursed with a direct payment AFTER the conference on the basis of:

  • Registration and participation in the conference
  • Receipts for airfare, hotel and any other transportation
  • Per diem rate for length of stay (excluding meals provided by the conference)
  • In some instances, the airline ticket may be purchased directly by another organization so the cost is not incurred by the traveler.  This can be requested on the application form but is not guaranteed to happen.
  • Reimbursement generally takes 4-8 weeks AFTER all receipts are received. 
  • Specific information on reimbursement will be provided to travel awardees.

Travel and Funding Details

  • Food and incidentals will be reimbursed at a set government rate per day of $109 per full conference day (subject to change as this is the FY10 amount), 75% on travel days.
  • Travel to and from the hotel will range from $20 shuttle service to $80 for a taxi. 
  • The conference hotel per night is a set cost of $177/night plus applicable taxes.  Though attendees are not required to stay at the conference hotel, hotel reimbursement will not exceed $177 plus applicable taxes no matter where the attendee stays.

Additional Requirements
Depending on the position of the traveler, other post-conference information may be requested.  This could include:

  • A 1-page summary of how conference outcomes will be implemented in their region. 
  • Details on new research paths and contacts identified to be pursued.
  • Information on how existing marine debris activities within the attendees’ organization will be expanded.

Questions or Further Information?
Please contact us at

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